Swarm Marketing


Whether it’s searching for the next business opportunity, or looking to neutralise a competitor threat, we work in partnership with you to understand the dynamics of your business, identify the key challenges and the best route to address it, and then scope out the key steps to deliver the desired result. 

Strategy and Planning

Marketing strategy is aligned to how a company will achieve a goal in a way which is consistent with the mission. A well-established company in a mature market will have a different strategy than a start-up. Plans involve monitoring, to assess progress, and prepare for contingencies if problems arise.

Lead Generation

Our core skill is lead generation. Sales-focused, integrated marketing campaigns that cost-efficiently demonstrate results by positively impacting the pipeline. We will generate new business for you.

Start-up, established or looking for an exit, we will work with you to define a marketing strategy that suits your business at any stage in it’s lifespan.

Brand and Design

Whether you want to rebrand or further develop your brand, Swarm can provide fresh concepts and inspirational bespoke campaigns that work across a range of marketing communications to effectively deliver your message.


Responsive, future-proof websites that are easy to use and accessible. We create digital user experiences for mobile apps, interactive interfaces, social media, web design, e-commerce and emotive engaging film & video.


As people become increasingly sophisticated in their access of information, PR remains a vital component of any communication strategy. We use our creative know-how to deliver attention grabbing campaigns that drive your target audience to take the desired action.


Whether you are looking to arrange presentation-based seminars, an interactive user conference, relationship-building corporate hospitality, or if you simply want to exhibit at a commercial events, Swarm Marketing can arrange every element with impressive attention to detail.


No two lead generation campaigns are the same and we approach each new project with a fresh set of ideas. This approach helps us to build relationships with leads, which you can then take over with your own sales team.

We won’t transfer a lead to you unless we know it is qualified and worth your time.

Analyst Relations

Analyst relations is all about influencing the influencers and it should be a core part of any sales and marketing campaign. Industry analysts have the power to make or break deals, thanks to their deep-rooted, subscription-based relationships with end-user technology buyers.


Working with the technology analysts for nearly 20 years, we have the relationships that matter, understand what is required to ensure your company is on their radar, and we know how to work the community so that their output benefits your bottom line.