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Effective marketing is about telling compelling stories to the market. With the help of marketing, a company should be able to succinctly frame how it can solve a customer’s problem, and why they should buy from you in 30 seconds.

When it comes to exit, either via merger, acquisition or flotation, its important your company not only tells a story clearly but also shouts about it loud enough to get other people talking about you too. The market needs to know you’re “hot”.

A company that is planning to go places requires a marketing resource that is well-connected and has a proven track record of winning industry influence. For an enterprise software company, this means analyst connections at places like Gartner and Forrester. The majority of companies that Swarm has helped began with no analyst coverage at all, and by exit they typically feature strongly in a Forrester Wave.”

Partnering with Swarm, you can utilize established connections which cut down on the legwork of building the marketing function–and industry connections help drive sales. Twenty years of industry experience mean we can quickly discern who is great and who is not worth the money and as an added bonus, we will already know how to work with individuals and vendors so time isn’t wasted figuring it out.

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